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SALT Verslun

Nesti Dante sápa

Nesti Dante sápa

Verð 2.247 ISK
Verð 4.495 ISK Tilboð 2.247 ISK
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Þessi stórkostlega sápa frá NESTI DANTE er falleg á hvaða baðherbergi sem er.

Black - The oriental-looking Odeur of the herbaceous leaves of the patchouli shrub mixes with spicy pink pepper, sensual hyacinth and fresh jasmine to an opulent fragrance explosion.

Gold - It was made with love and care and finished with 23ct gold leaf.
Gold is not only a valuable precious metal, but is also considered an element of longevity and keeps the energy in the body in balance.  The intense scent of noble iris, the symbol of Florence, refines this high-quality soap.


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